Light Art Show

The unique technique of using a ray of light to paint a picture on a luminescent canvas, known as Light Art, showcases an unconventional method of graphic technology. In this discipline, our studio ranks top on a global scale. Our expertise lies in delivering exceptional live performances where we paint anything from uncomplicated and straightforward drawings to realistic portraits on the spot in front of the audience. Gradually, the pictures disappear to create an unparalleled image animation. This type of graphic is suitable for various indoor and outdoor occasions such as sports events, sales kick-offs, corporate events, celebrations, festivals, trade shows, and expos. With a masterful blend of music and skillful sound effects, we deliver a stirring emotional experience that will leave you spellbound.




Drawing on sand or Sand Art is a technique based on the extraordinary design of images with fingers in the soft sand. The show is on a specially designed table with a backlit glass panel. The unique properties of the soft sand allow for a neat transition from one image to another, creating a space to tell any story one can imagine. Through streaming on the LED screen or projection, all guests in attendance can easily view every aspect of the performance. Due to its popularity, this graphic technique is in high demand and among the most frequently requested live performances. With live music accompanying the show, the unique and alluring experience is unmatched. With a focus on thoroughness and effectiveness, our performance is renowned for an unparalleled experience in the industry, emotional connection, and skill, cutting above the rest.




With a unique blend of artistry and performance, speed painting offers a one-of-a-kind visual experience, leaving an unforgettable and thrilling element to any type of social event. It may be outdoor or indoor, formal or casual. In record time, we can create realistic and life-like drawings and stylized paintings in front of the audience. This singular act demonstrates how graffiti and street art have transcended their origins in the streets to become legitimate art forms in art galleries and various events, showcasing their wide-reaching appeal. We create any image based on your submission, a portrait, logo, object, or event, whatever your choice. From linen to boards to walls, our artistry talent knows no bounds. We can design on any surface with confidence and ease. Regardless of the size of your painting, we are committed to fulfilling your requirements and making you happy. You can use the created art piece as an interior or exterior decoration, or offering it as a gift to VIP guests is also an option. We employ diverse techniques such as spray, acryl, and marker with an experienced team.