Light Art Show

Using a ray of light on a luminescent board to paint a picture, or so called Light Art, represents a unique graphic technology. Our studio represents the absolute top on a global scale when it comes to this particular discipline. We specialize in live performances. During these performances we are able to paint anything from simple drawings to realistic portraits right on the spot, in front of the audience. The drawings gradually disappear which creates unparalleled image animation.
This graphic discipline is suitable for a whole range of occasions: Sport events, Sales Kick-Offs, Corporate events, Celebrations, Festivals, Trade Shows and Expos whether they take place indoors or outdoors. We provide an emotional show that is supported by music and sound effects.
Do you wish to have a fun and try to paint with the light on our special screen? Then we recommend to book a workshop. Our Artist will show you the best tricks and how to paint basic images.
The best is to book our performance and the workshop after. Only if you try it you are going to understand how hard it can be to paint realistic images like our artists do. 



Drawing in sand or Sand Art is a technique based on creating images with fingers in the soft sand. The whole show takes place on a specially designed table with a backlit glass panel. The particular properties of the soft sand allow a neat transition from one image to another creating a space for telling any story you can imagine. Everything is streamed on the LED screen or projection so all the guests can easilly see the whole act.
This graphic technique also represents one of the most popular requested live performances. The unique experience is even stronger when there is a live music accompanying the show. We offer the most thorough and most effective performances in this field.
We also offer Sand Art workshops. Your guests can try to draw in the Sand and our Artist would show them the basic tricks.
This act is suitable for the top event types: Industry Conferences, Field Marketing Events, Private Events, Sales Kick-Offs, Conferences, Festivals, Trade Shows and Expos,... 



Speed Painting is a unique live graphic experience which is a wonderful and exciting addition to any type of social event whether it takes place indoors or outdoors. In the record time we are able to create a realistic drawing, a stylized painting in front of the audience and show them, that graffiti and street art represent full-fledge art belonging not only to the streets but to art galleries and events of all kind.
We are able to create any image based on your submission: portrait, logo, object or event. We also cannot be stopped by any type of surface: linen, board or wall. We are happy to fulfill your requirements also regarding the size of the painting.
The created art piece can also be submitted to an auction, exhibition or function as an interior or exterior decoration, even a present for the VIP guests.
We use different techniques including spray, acryl and marker.