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Originality and flexibility represent our best qualities. Our speciality is customized Light Art performance. The Light Painting act offers amazing wow effect. It is basically Light Animation on a luminescent screen - All the images are hand painted in a high speed. You can see the artist starting on the clean screen. It is possible to tell a story, history of the company or introduce new product, brand,... Possible to add a logo, message,... We always provide a storyboard before the Event date so our Clients can check how the show is going to look like.
The live experience of this act is something new and unique.
Other option is to choose from the catalogue of our standard performances. Some of the shows could be seen in Talent shows all over The World (AGT, Spain Got Talent, Ellada Eheis Talento, France Got Talent, Romania´s Got Talent, Open Air Theatre Expo Milan, El hormiguero,...).

In America´s Got Talent in 2019 Simon Cowell said to Alex: ,,I got Goosebumps on my goosebumps" when he has seen the show.

Alex Dowis is also skilled in different artistic styles including Speed Painting, Sand Art, Airbrush graffiti and many more.
All the shows are great for any kind of event: Gala dinners, Corporate Events, Field Marketing Events, Awards ceremony, Birthday parties, weddings, Conference opening, Trade shows, Sales kick-off, Expos, Festivals and so on.

All the equipment is light and easy to travel with. We have been performing all over the World: Including Asia, Europe, USA. It is possible to book the workshop together with the performance so your Guest could try one of the great painting techniques.

Alex Dowis and his team have also vast experience in artistic installations, scenography and direction.

Here You can see some of the new videos here

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Our Shows


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